Protection is also a pillar of JRS

Article by Michael Kinaka, SJ., JRS South Sudan

JRS’ passion and commitment to social justice is manifest in its Protection programs.

Recently I visited one o JRS projects in Yambio, Western Equitoria part of south Sudan. Yambio is located near the border of South Sudan, DRC and Central Africa Republic. One of my high moments of the trip was to see the dynamism and creativity of JRS programs based on the needs of a particular context.

As part of its vision, walking with the excluded, JRS Yambio is implementing a protection program targeting the vulnerable refugees returnees.

One of great intervention by JRS was to build a simple but dignified shelter for Rose and her five children and her elderly mother.

I believe such intervention, born out of deep listening to the needs of the most vulnerable among the vulnerable, is a noble step towards creating hope and respect to human dignity. The protection team continues to advocate for other protection gaps for Rose and many other migrants with similar stories. JRS is also involved in to peace building, reconciliation, integration of the returnees back to the communities, education and psychosocial support.



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Jesuit Refugee Service, with the goal of accompanying, serving and advocating for forcefully displaced people in Ethiopia, South Suda, Uganda and Kenya.