Investing in teachers is to invest in the community

And how do we achieve that? By training and empowering the teachers.

Teachers help our children to grow, to develop, to become adults and be the actors of our tomorrow. Therefore, teachers should be undoubtably considered an asset for every society. And that is the reason why, from JRS all around the world, we invest in teacher training among refugees: to let the refugee community empower themselves and become actors of change.

“We feel we are professional teachers in Kakuma, now” — Banychi.

At JRS Kenya in Kakuma, one of our main programs is focused on Primary Teacher Education Program (PTEP) and Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE).

Due to high levels of demand and scare resources, from JRS Kakuma we can only offer them one year training, what allows them to sit for National Exams and get the ECDE Certificate. However, what the students pursue is a Diploma, that would open more doors for them in the professional sphere.

But, how can we get them a Diploma? By offering a second year of training to all these students who passed the National Exams. And How can we do so? With more funds. If at JRS Kakuma we manage to get more investment for the Post-Secondary Education Program (Pathfinder), we’ll be able to engage these students in a second year of trainings with the Tangaza University and let them do the official examinations to reach their diploma.

“I really appreciate JRS becaue they have done a big part in my life, and they’ve been able to change my life, physically and emotionally.” — Banychi.

Not only for the good sake of these students, but for the best of the refugee and host communities. Because a community with good, professional and passionate teachers, is a growing and empowering community.

And that is what we dream for the refugee and host community in Turkana as JRS Kenya.

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Jesuit Refugee Service, with the goal of accompanying, serving and advocating for forcefully displaced people in Ethiopia, South Suda, Uganda and Kenya.