Humanitarian Assistance for IDPs in Mai-Tsbri and surrounding host communities — First Phase

JRS Ethiopia Mai-Aini project supporting IDPs and host communities affected by the conflict in Tigray.

JRS Ethiopia through Reconciliation and social cohesion project had proposed an emergency response plan to address the humanitarian needs caused by the conflict in the region.

First, the need for the humanitarian aid caused by the conflict is immense, and
Second, the selection of beneficiaries for humanitarian aid is causing conflicts with the issue of exclusion and limited aid by the humanitarian agencies.

As a result, JRS Ethiopia through the reconciliation project tried to address these two issues.

1. Pregnant women over 3 months

2. Lactating women with infants less than 6 months

3. Children less than 5 years old with disabilities.

After setting the selection criteria we make sure that we can address all the selected beneficiaries so that we could prevent the compliances over omission and non-selection.

We are able to address 2000 most vulnerable host communities and IDPs with this first phase of humanitarian assistance.

5 kg of FAFA(nutritional) food is provided for one individual. The category of individuals based on their vulnerability and location is indicated below in a table:



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JRS East Africa

Jesuit Refugee Service, with the goal of accompanying, serving and advocating for forcefully displaced people in Ethiopia, South Suda, Uganda and Kenya.