From a child with a disability to a Medical Doctor in Adjumani, a story of overcome.

Dr Sule working at the hospital.

The refugee camp where I grew up in lacked proper medical services and facilities. I remember being unable to play with my peers because I was sick most of the time.

Sule (at right) with his family.

Aged 8 years, I landed the opportunity to start primary education in 1997 at a self-help community primary. I was taught by refugees, and emerged among the top ten in my class.

As an ambitious child, I wanted to join Adjumani secondary school. However, it was apparent that my family could not afford the school fees of Ugx 75,000 (Approximately $21). So, I happily considered Agojo Secondary School whose school fees was Ugx 15,000 (about $4.5) Plus in-kind contribution of food items. This was relatively affordable, but not sustainable for my parents. The turning point came in 2005, after excelling in my form two final examinations through a local school bursary, there was no hope for going to Form 3. Not giving up, I reported for Form 3 in January 2006. My lack came in when Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) staff visited the school.

Sule in his graduation day.

After hearing my story, the visitors forwarded my name to you, and without hesitation you offered me a full scholarship,

which subsequently opened my way to another Windle trust international scholarship for advanced level, and then Medical School at Gulu University where I graduated with Bachelor’s Degree in medicine and Surgery with the financial assistance from St. Joseph’s college Layibi and Ugandan government and moral assistance of my humble family.

My dream has always been to serve the community the way am doing currently.

Sule as a Doctor,

Words cannot express my gratitude to you Fr. Frido and the rest of your team at Jesuit Refugee services, and your donors in Germany and other parts of the world.

Indeed, God sent you for a purpose, and that purpose can now be seen in me and many other children you supported through your kindness and tireless endeavours.

“May the lord now show you kindness and faithfulness, and I too will show you the same favour because you have done this” (2 Samuel 2:6)

Yours truly,



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JRS East Africa


Jesuit Refugee Service, with the goal of accompanying, serving and advocating for forcefully displaced people in Ethiopia, South Suda, Uganda and Kenya.